Sunlord have developed LTCC ASM module successfully
In May 2009, Shenzhen Sunlord Electronics Co., Ltd. made a major breakthrough in the phone's core RF components, which relying on the “863” project: "Key Materials and Technology for Chip Passive Integrated Components ", and developed a dual-band antenna switch module(ASM), the core RF module of the GSM mobile phone, based on the LTCC technology. The package size of this ASM is only 3.2×3.2×1.3 mm3 (as below). This ASM broke the situation that the ASM can only be provided by a few abroad manufacturers in the current domestic cell phone industry.

                                                                    3D Electromagnetism Structure of ASM

                                                                                  ASM without Shielding Shell

Using its own powerful ceramic base technologies and materials development platform, Sunlord has not only established the LTCC industrial production line, but also made a quite rapid development on the high-end products at home.

                                                                        Sunlord LTCC Dry-method Production Line

Using the low-K and high-Q microwave ceramic materials developed successfully in the “863” project, of which the dielectric constant is about 5, the dielectric loss tangent is about 0.003 @ 2GHz and the sintering temperature is about 880 ℃, this ASM products’ overall performance has reached the commercial product level. During the design of the product, an advanced finite element(FEM) electromagnetic simulation software HFSS is used, with the RF design technologies of the combination between the lumped and distribution circuit Sunlord achieves the design in a very small space, it solves a large number of parasitic parameters decoupling problems that didn't exist in the general design of large-size, it has a comparative advantage in the design and Sunlord has the independent intellectual property rights. This ASM integrates 37 components in a 3.2mm×3.2mm×1.3mm space, of which integration achieves 2.8 components per mm3.The test results are shown as below:

This ASM is mainly used in the mobile phone RF front-end to achieve the frequency switching automatically of mobile phones, it can automatically adapt to the operating frequency of GSM850MHz/900MHz, DCS1800MHz and PCS1900MHz, and can realize the sending and receiving of the signal between the handset and repeater, it can also achieve noise filtering while communication channels switch.

The key parameters of this ASM are as the followings: the insertion loss is less than 1.0dB in GSM band and less than 1.3dB in DCS/PCS band as it works in the RX mode, when it works in the TX mode, the insertion loss of GSM band and DCS/PCS band is less than1.5dB and less than 1.6dB respectively. Besides, other frequency suppression requirements have all achieved the system requirements for mobile phones, so that it allows the mobile phone to a lower power consumption state of work. In general, this ASM has a very superior performance and practical value.