Ultra Low Capacitance Multilayer Chip Varistor (0.5pF)

The capacitance of the new multilayer Chip Varistor is 0.5pf typically. It is made of ZnO nonlinear conducting ceramics and designed by adding inner electrode structure, which has a good capability of ESD protection for circuits. It is especially suitable for ultra high speed lines, such as HDMI interface.


ESD protection capability is needed in most high speed line, which requires that the ESD protection devices have very low capacitance to avoid affecting the transmitting. On this ground, we are focusing on researching the varistor which has excellent ESD protection capability and ultra low capacitance (0.5pF).


Lead free

Ultra Low Capacitance (0.5pf typically)

Extremely fast response time: < 0.5

ns IEC 61000-4-2 (ESD) level 4

SMD type suitable for high density mounting

Ideal for high speed data applications

Excellent solderability (Ni, Sn plating)


HDMI I/O ESD protection

USB 2.0 ESD protection (Full, High speed)


Part Number

Electrical Characteristics


Mass production of up to 30 million units per month, starting in March 2011.