Chip Polymer ESD Suppressor with Capacitance Lower Than 0.15pF

The capacitance of Polymer ESD Suppressor is 0.05~0.15pF, It is made of organic resin and ESD function material, designed by chip structure and has a good capability of ESD protection for circuits. It is especially suitable for ultra high speed lines, such as USB3.0 port.


ESD protection capability is needed in most ultra high speed lines such as USB3.0 port, which requires that the ESD protection devices have ultra low capacitance to avoid affecting the transmitting. As a result of the increase in speed, low capacitance ESD protection of the bus is even more important now to maintain data integrity between devices in the network. Therefore Polymer ESD Suppressor has been researched.


SMD type suitable for high density mounting

Ultra Low Capacitance (0.05~0.15pf)

Low leakage current

Short response time (<1ns)

Low Trigger voltage(<300V)

RoHS compliant


USB3.0 I/O ESD protection

 HDMI 1.3 interface ESD protection

High speed Ethernet ESD protection


Part Number

Electrical Characteristics


(1)VWDC:Maximum continuous DC working voltage
(2)VT:The breakdown Voltage across the PESD according IEC61000-4-2 8kV contact discharge
(3)Vc:Maximum peak voltage across the PESD measured at 30ns after intiation of pulse on IEC61000-4-2 8kV


Mass production of up to 30 million units per month, starts in July 2011.