Small but Powerful!Sunlord High Q Value 008004 (inch) SizeMultilayer RF Inductor Released—HQ0201Q Series
Sunlord high Q value characteristics,Ultra-small 008004 package(0.25×0.125mm) multilayer RF inductors:HQ0201Q series is now in mass production。HQ0201Q is based on the mature multilayer platform of Sunlord,Through innovative coil design, L-Type electrode construction, and fine coil manufacturing technology,realize RF inductors with high Q characteristics and ultra-small packages,help more products in the future to achieve miniaturization and thinning in development and design.
Internet mobile devices represented by smart phones, wearable devices, TWS headsets, increasingly complex functions, communication frequency bands are gradually increasing, aggravating the interference between adjacent communication frequency bands, RF lines need to use high Q inductors to improve sensitivity and reduce losses, while the complexity of RF lines and the number of devices required are increasing, limited space can only accommodate smaller package RF devices. With many years of RF inductor design and development experience and advanced manufacturing platform, Sunlord Electronics has developed HQ0201Q series, high-Q characteristics ultra-small package RF inductors to meet market demand. Compared with our existing HQ0402Q series (0.4×0.2×0.3mm), the volume is reduced by about 75%. The board area has been reduced by 60%, and the HQ0201Q allows engineers to develop with ease in designs with more demanding space layouts.
 High Q characteristics, High S.R.F (3.7GHz~14GHz);
 Ultra-small 008004 package (0.25×0.125××0.2mm);
 Inductance value accuracy up to ±0.1nH;
 Wide range of inductance values (0.3nH-10 nH).
 RF PA module;
 RF lines for smartphones and smart wearable devices;
 Various wireless communication modules such as Wi-Fi/Bluetooth and so on.
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Electrical Characteristics

Electrical characteristics

 Mass production