Wire Wound Ferrite Bead–WHZ-F Series
With the increase of 5G frequency bands, terminal communications, especially smart phones, smart wear and others, have a growing demand for thin and light size, multiple functions, and multi band development, and for the electrical performance, miniaturization, and high reliability of electronic components.
In order to suppress the impact of the increase of 5G frequency band on RF signals and high-frequency noise, Sunlord has developed a Wire Wound Ferrite Bead with performance meeting the requirements of high-frequency and high impedance, and can accurately filter and suppress high-frequency interference. It is characterized by small size (metric 1005/1608), low DCR, and large current.
 Wire Wound Ferrite construction, Small size;
 Low DCR, large rated current;
 High impedance at high frequency (GHz);
 Mobile phones, Smart wear and other electronic devices  
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