Ultra-low profile and Ultra-large current Co-fired power inductor-HTF series
Ultra-low profile and Ultra-large current Co-fired power inductor HTF series products adopt innovative copper magnetic Co-fired technology, which can achieve higher characteristics in the same size or achieve equivalent performance in smaller sizes compared to similar products. It has ultra-low loss, ultra-large current, and has the ability to be much thinner in the overall dimension design. Its unique copper magnetic co-firing process ensures excellent heat dissipation characteristics and high reliability. Due to the advanced production process, it has the advantages of both molded and assembled power inductors, it can be used to produce small size but large current inductors and large size meanwhile large current ultra-thin inductors. Regarding the application, it can support single coil DC-DC power supply and coupling inductor for multi-phase power supply applications.
It is especially suitable for some ultra-thin high-power applications, as well as scenarios with high requirements for heat dissipation and reliability. Its unique advantages are incomparable to those of molded inductors and assembled inductors.
 The CPU power supply in high-end PC, Pad and other applications uses ultra-thin features to improve the equipment cooling system.
 The CPU, GPU and related circuits in servers, AI servers and other high current and ultra-thin applications for the power supply. The ultra-thin high current can deal with the VRM and TLVR power supply scheme, and reduce the board area through back PCB mounting.
Small size, big trust.
With the trending of low profile for AI servers, high-end PCs, Pads, mobile phones and other products, as well as the inherent requirements of high power. It has a huge impact on the size and power consumption of internal components.  Meanwhile, the DC-DC circuit, as the power supply, subjected to the market request, needs to achieve ultra-low profile while maintaining high power. Which, of course, depending on direct current flow capacity of the power inductor. The ultra-thin ultra-large current copper magnetic Co-fired power inductor came out at the historic moment.
At the same time, accompany with high reliability, high heat dissipation capacity and low loss are also deemed to become the highlights of copper magnetic Co-fired inductor.
 Have incomparable ultra-thin advantages
 Ultra high reliability
 Wide operating temperature range, no long-term high temperature aging problem
 High saturation current characteristic
 Ultra low RDC, lower loss and higher power conversion efficiency
 Wide operating frequency range
 HTF series inductors use Sunlord's unique copper magnetic co-firing technology and have several patents

Comparison of Product Advantages
Comparison of material properties:
Compared with low-temperature solidified alloy powder, sintered alloy powder has:
High permeability( μ i)
High saturation magnetic induction (Bs)
High thermal conductivity
Ultra low core loss

Temperature rise simulation:
Under the same power consumption, the surface temperature of HTF inductor is 10% lower than that of dry voltage inductor

Core Loss:
In the same test setup, at 25 ℃ and 100 ℃, the Core loss of HTF series products is lower than that of dry pressed products.

Electrical characteristics and size comparison:
Under the same electrical conditions, the height of HTF series inductors is 50~60% lower than that of assembled inductors, and 30~40% lower than that of traditional dry pressed molded inductors;
Under the same size conditions, the inductance and Q value of HTF series inductors can be 1.5~2.0 times compared than the assembled inductors and traditional molded inductors.

High temperature load test:
After the high temperature load 2400H test, the increase rate of HTF loss fluctuates at 10%, and the increase rate of dry voltage inductance loss is more than 350%;
After the high temperature load 2400H test, the HTF has a good appearance, and the dry pressed inductor has a large area of magnetic particle falling off.
The magnetic powder used for dry pressed inductor contains a lot of organic substances, which will age and become invalid under high temperature. The reliability of product characteristics is low and the strength of the product is insufficient, and the magnet is easy to fall off; HTF series products effectively avoid such problems.

Ultra low loss:
It can minimize the total loss of terminal products and improve the conversion efficiency

Ultra-low profile features:
The product is ultra-low profile to make it highly compatible with IC;
The overall heat dissipation performance of the terminal product can be improved to a certain extent by improving the heat dissipation duct. Be able to adding heat dissipation plates, and utilizing the high thermal conductivity freely by using the copper magnetic Co-fired inductor.
 VRM and TLVR power supply of server CPU, GPU, FPGA, etc
 Power supply for ultra-thin Notebook and Pad

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