Mini Size and Ultra High Q Wire Wound Chip Ceramic Inductor-MWSD0603C/0804C Series
With the development of 5G technology, high-speed, low-latency and wide-coverage networks has brought new opportunities and challenges to wireless communication devices. Especially in RF front-end, with more frequency bands used in 5G smart phone, it requires lower loss of RF devices to improve the receiving sensitivity and anti-interference capability in each frequency band. On the other hand, smart phones are becoming thinner and thinner, leaving less space for components. So small size RF inductor with higher Q value are needed.
At present, the mainstream size of the winding inductor used in smart phone is 1005 (1.0*1.0*0.5 mm). If 0603 (0.53*0.4*0.4 mm) winding inductor with the same performance as 1005 is developed, it will further help reuduce the size of high-end smartphone. Therefore, Sunlord developed mini size and ultra high Q wire wound chip ceramic inductor-MWSD0603C/0804C series to achieve this goal.
 High Q value 
 Winding structure, super small size
 High self-resonant frequency
 Low DCR, high current
 RF circuits for smart phones, smart wearable devices, etc.
 Various wireless communication modules such as Wi-Fi/Bluetooth.
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