Automotive Molded SMD Power Inductor—AMP series
Sunlord Automotive Molded SMD Power Inductor (AMP) is a new product developed through the molding process and ferroalloy materials. This product range has dimensions spanning from 4mm to 17mm. Also, its inductance is abundant. Compared to traditional winding power inductors, it has high current features, low DC resistance and better DC bias. In the production process, the quality consistency and production stability of the product are guaranteed by the poka-yoka technique. At the same time, closed magnetic circuit design effective reduces leakage flux and provides good EMI characteristics for the application client. The product series is verified by AEC - Q200.
With the trend toward electronic and intelligent automotive development, the demand for high-performance DC-DC converters is also increasing. The power inductor is a crucial component for the performance of the DC-DC conversion module. It is commonly used in buck-boost circuits. Also, it mainly plays the role of filtering and energy storage in switching power supply.
Sunlord Automotive Electronics has launched AMP series products to improve the electrical properties and reliability of the products. This series of products are used in various in-vehicle modules such as LED lighting, BMS, intelligent cockpit system, intelligent driving system, T-BOX and V2X, OBC, DC-DC conversion, etc.
 High quality factor, low loss
 Closed magnetic circuit design reduces leakage flux
 Low DC resistance, better DC bias
 Operating temperature:-55℃ ~ +150℃ (including self-heating)
 Qualified to AEC-Q200
 LED lighting, DC/DC converter, intelligence drive, Intelligence cockpit and T-box & V2X, etc.
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