Ceramic dielectric filter -VFCF series
Sunlord Ceramic Dielectric Filter VFCF series covers the Sub-6G frequency band of domestic 5G base stations. Products of different sizes and electrical specifications can be customized and developed, which are applicable to the RF circuit filtering of 5G acer base stations, 5G micro base stations, repeaters and Indoor distribution station.
The integration of 5G base station Massive MIMO to large-scale antennas requires more miniaturization and lightweight filters. Ceramic dielectric filters are made of ceramic powders with high dielectric constant. The electromagnetic wave resonance occurs inside the dielectric material, which is smaller in volume and lighter in weight than metal cavity filters.They have the advantages of high Q value, good frequency selection characteristics, good stability of operating frequency, and low insertion loss, It becomes the mainstream choice of 5G base station filter.
  • Low insertion loss and high attenuation, meeting the high performance requirements of the base station
  • Critical dimensions are controlled to μm level, high product consistency
  • 700MHz~6GHz full band products can be customized
  • Acer base station filter products have passed the top 1 customer certification in the industry
  • The product has high reliability and can withstand 1000 times of temperature cycle test without failure
  • 15 core patents have been applied, and the product has no patent risk
  • 5G acer base station, 5G micro base station, repeater, Indoor distribution station
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  • Mass production