Super high Q 01005 inch RF inductors-UHQ0402H Series
Sunlord used years of experience in RF inductor design and advanced production platform to further improve the performance and Q value of HQ0402H series. It was to launch UHQ0402H series of 01005 inch super high Q RF inductors. This series of high Q value small size is very suitable for mobile phones, RF modules such as PA modules and other products.
With the advent of 5G, the RF front-end communication frequency band of smart phone increases significantly, the complexity of RF module increases, and the amount of components required in RF circuit also increases. On the contrary, smart phones are becoming thinner and thinner, leaving less space for components. In addition, the high frequency signal has higher requirements for the performance of RF front-end components, and the requirements of RF modules for components are also improved. In order to reduce energy loss, small size RF inductors with higher Q value are needed.
  • 01005 inch, ultra small package
  • The Same size, Q value exceeds HQ0402H series
  • Wide inductance range(0.2~20 nH)    
  • RF module,such as PA module
  • RF circuits for smart phones, smart wearable devices, etc
  • Various wireless communication modules such as Wi-Fi / Bluetooth
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