Ceramic Capacitive Pressure Element
Ceramic Capacitive Pressure Sensor uses ceramic as sensitive element to form capacitor structure and execute measurement without intermediary liquid. Compared with silicon resistance, it can be applied to all kinds of medium environment and maintain high accuracy in a wide temperature range (-40℃~150℃).
With rapid development of intellectualization, the demand for sensors is increasing in all industries. As one of the three main types of sensors, pressure sensor is widely used. Due to structure and material properties of silicon, it is difficult to ensure measurement accuracy and long-term reliability at high temperature and corrosive environment. However, ceramic capacitive pressure sensor can overcome the shortages and outperforms silicon or ceramic resistance at extreme environment.
  • Ceramic capacitor structure
  • Measurement without intermediary liquid
  • Fast response time (≤10ms), high measurement accuracy and long service life (more than 2 million pressure ranges)
  • High reliability
  • Provide sensor technical support
  • utomotive systems(Oil pressure, transmission pressure)
  • Petrochemical(Air-conditioning pressure, pipeline pressure)
  • Food and medical(Intake pressure, water pipe pressure)
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