Leaded Power Type NTC Thermistor – SPNL Series


SPNL Series are Round Plug-in construction. When transient current through product is sufficient to cause it fever and temperature rise, the resistance of product will decline by exponential form with strong negative temperature coefficient. In addition, the product initial resistance can significantly suppressor the transient current amplitude, when the current tends to be stable, the resistance value will drop to the lowest and consume the less power. So SPNL series have excellent ability of withstanding high amplitude surge current and repeated shocks. It is widely used in AC power supply, switch power supply to protect circuit long-term safe operation.
By the research about ceramic material, product design and manufacture technology,SPNL series have serial initial resistance (0.7Ω~30Ω), high amplitude rated current (0.5A ~12A) and high permissible capacitor (50μF~810μF).

Along with the development of high power, small size and low voltage, the rated current in lines increase gradually. At the moment of connection, initial surge current is very large so that it could cause great negative impact. So we have researched leaded power type NTC thermistor to realize protection and meet the design requirement of power supply.  



  Lead free product
  Serial initial resistance
  High amplitude rated current
  High permissible capacitor
  Low power dissipation


  Switching Power Supplies
  Power Adapter
  LED-TV, STB, LED Lighting
  Household Appliances

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