Multilayer Plug-in Varistor for Surge Current Suppression – VPS Sereis

VPS Series are multilayer Plug-in construction. They are designed to absorb the high energy of transient voltage in circuit, which provide high peak current, highly energy absorbing ability and fast response speed. They offer excellent transient energy absorbing capability due to improved material which has excellent energy volume distribution and power dissipation. VPS series cover wide AC operating voltage range from 11V to 680V.


There is a tendency that electronic devices are become slim and flat, and also working electric-current become large, which request the Plug-in Varistor be wide operating voltage and high energy absorbing capability. Multilayer Plug-in construction, wide operating voltage and high energy absorbing capability make the VPS Series Varistor be suitable for numerous applications on Industrial /Communications equipment, power supply and Household appliances.

  • Lead free product High surge current suppression capability
  • High surge energy absorbing capability
  • Good energy dissipation capability
  • Bidirectional clamping and low clamping voltage High reliability
  • Industrial equipment
  • Communications equipment power supply
  • LED Lighting Household appliances

Electrical Characteristics