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Material Analysis
No. Equipment Key Parameter Application
1 SEM/EDS Resolution (SEM):3.0nm @ 30KV,8.0nm @ 3KV. Magnification (SEM):6x~1,000,000x.Resolution (EDS):133eV @ MnKa. Element Analysis Limit :B5-U92 Microcosmic Surface Analysis, Element Analysis, Micro-area Dimension Measurement
2 Specific Surface Area Analyzer Pore Size Distribution Range:3.5~4000Ǻ. Resolution: 0.0015%. Specific Surface Test Range:> 0.01m2/g Specific Surface Area Analysis, Adsorption / desorption isotherms, BJH Pore Volume Distribution/Pore Radius, Pore Pattern Analysis
3 Energy dispersive X ray fluorescence analyzer Element Analysis Limit ::Al13 ~ U92,LOD:several ppm;Analysis time:about ten minutes RoHS and EN71 test
4 X-ray Diffracmeter X-ray Characteristic:CoKɑ. Angular Accuracy:0.002°.Testing Method:Rotating crystal method Crystalline Structure, Crystallinity and Grain Density Analysis, Phase Constitution Analysis
5 Rheometer Angular Resolution:15urad; Test Range: 8 cP~124.5M cP;Temperature Range:-20~250℃. Fluid Type Identification,Viscosity, Yield Point and Torque test Pseudoplastic, Thixotropy and Creep Deformation Test
6 Thermal Expansion Coefficient Tester Sensitivity: 8nm/digit. Accuracy: ± 1%. Temperature Accuracy: ±1℃.Measuring Range: ±5mm. Linear Expansion and Shrinkage Test,Grass Transition Temperature and Soften Point Test,Phase Transition and Reaction Kinetics Research
7 Simultaneous Thermal Analyzer Temperature Range:RT~1500℃,Heating Rate:0~±99.9℃/min OR ℃/hour ,Testing Range:DTA:±1~±1000μV ;TG:±500mg,Testing Accuracy:Temperature:±1.0℃ ;Mass:±1.0 % Thermal stability and Melting Point Test, Adsorption/desorption and Oxidation-reduction Process Analysis, Free and Crystal Water  Quantitative Analysis
Failure Analysis
No. Equipment Key Parameter Application
1 X-ray Test system Features Resolution :<1μm. Maximum Sample Size: L*W*T:210* 100* 100mm X-Ray TEST and Analysis
2 Tegramin System Swivel Rate:50~150 rpm,Adjustable;Orientation:clockwise、anticlockwise. Turntable rate: 40~600rpm;Orientation: anticlockwise. Polishing: 54 dBA,Grinding: 56 dBA Grindding and Polishing
3 SEM/EDS Resolution (SEM):3.0nm @ 30KV,8.0nm @ 3KV. Magnification (SEM):6x~1,000,000x.Resolution (EDS):133eV @ MnKa. Element Analysis Limit :B5-U92 Microcosmic Surface Analysis, Element Analysis, Micro-area Dimension Measurement
4 Moisture Meter Testing Method: Capacity Titrimetry; Testing Range: 10µg~100mg; Accuracy: Dissociation energy :0.1µg, RSD<0.3%. Moisture Analysis
Electrical Test
No. Equipment Key Parameter Application
1 RF Impedance Analyzer Frequency range :1MHz~3GHz;Impedance test range:200mΩ~20KΩ;Basic Accuracy :±0.8%. |Z|、θz、|Y|、θy、R、X、G、B、CS、CP、LS、LP、RP、RS、D、Q、|Γ|、θr、ΓX、ΓY
2 High Impedance Analyzer Test voltage range:0.1~1000Vdc;Dc resistance test range :1KΩ ~ 1016PΩ;Basic Accuracy :±0.6%. Insulation resistance
3 Resistance Meter Basic Accuracy :0.006%; Minimum resolution :0.01μΩ. Dc resistance
4 Network Analyzer Frequency range :9KHz~8.5GHz;Measure port:4 ports S-parameter
5 Signal Analyzer Frequency range :10Hz~8.4GHz;Analysis bandwidth :40MHz Noise factor 、Gain
6 Capacitance Meter Frequency range :1KHz,1MHz;Test signal level :0.1~1Vrms C、 D、Q、G、Rs、Rp
7 Varistor Tester Voltage test range :0~1400V; Current test range :0μA~2000μA; Basic precision:±0.5% Varistor Voltage(UN)、Nonlinear index (α) 、Leakage current Test (IL)
8 Thermostatic Oil Bath Temperature range:-40~+100℃; Working medium :Transformer oil The resistance value under different temperature
9 B-H Analyzer Frequency range :10Hz~10MHz(When matching power amplifier frequency range :DC-3MHz); Rated voltage:+/-140V (Max.) ; Rated current :+/-5A (Max.); Temperature range:-30℃~150℃ B - H Analysis 、Power Consumption Analysis 、Magnetic permeability Etc.
Reliability Test
No. Equipment Key Parameter Application
1 Air to Air Thermal Shock Chamber emperature range :+50℃~+220℃; -80℃~+70℃;Accuracy: 0.1℃. Thermal Shock Test-Air to Air
2 High and Low Temperature Test Chamber Temperature range :-70℃~+150℃;Accuracy: 0.1℃. Low Temperature Storage Test
3 Fast Response Temperature Test Chamber Temperature range :-70℃+180℃;20℃/min;10%~98%RH;Accuracy:1℃ ,≤75%RH,≤±5%RH;>75%RH,≤±3%RH. Temperature Cycling、Temperature Characteristics Test
4 High Temperature Test Chamber Temperature range :+20℃~+200℃。 High Temperature Storage Test
5 Bench-Topn Type Temperature(& Humudity) Chamber Temperature range :-20℃~150℃;Humidity range (25~98)%RH;Accuracy:0.1℃,0.1%RH. Damp Heat Test、Loading under Damp Heat、Moisture Resistance、Biased Humidity
6 Neutral Salt Spray testChamber Spray amount:1~2mL/h/80cm2; Spray way:Programmable spray(Including continuous and intermittent spray spray). Neutral Salt Spray test (NSS)
7 Steam aging test chamber Temperature range :100℃-134℃;Humidity range :100%RH; Time range:0-255hours. Steam aging test 、PCT test
8 Reflow Temperature range :Room~+400℃; Heating area number:六温区;PCB maximum width:350mm. Reflow
9 Solder Pot Temperature range :Room~+496℃;depth:38mm. Dip and Look
10 ESD Immunity Test System HBM model;0-15KV. ESD test:Air discharge、contact discharge
11 Surge Immunity Test System Waveform:8/20μs,10/1000μs;Voltage range:0~2.5KV;Current range :8/20μs:1~1500A,10/1000μs:1~90A. Surge Current,Surge Energy
12 Mechanical vibration test System Frequency range :5~100Hz;Amplitude:3mm-pp;Maximum Load :0~80Kg. Low Frequency Vibration Test
13 Electric vibration test system Frequency range :5~3000Hz; Amplitude:25mm-pp;Maximum Load :200Kg。 High Frequency Vibration Test
14 High Acceleration Mechanical Shock Test-Bed Waveform:Half Sine ,Sawtooth; Maximum Acceleration:Half Sine :15~600g, Sawtooth:15-100g; Normal Duration:18~1ms(Half Sine ),11-3ms (Sawtooth); Maximum Load :20Kg。 Mechanical Shock Test
15 Single wing drop tester Drop height range :300~1500mm;Maximum Load:80Kg; Impact panel material:Iron plate; Drop Angle range:At any Angle; Drop way:Free Drop. Dropping Test
16 Electronic Universal Test Machine Max. Testing Strength:10KN;Accuracy Class 0.5 level。 Terminal Strength、Resistance to Flexure、Body Strength Test Etc.
Pilot Lab
No. Equipment Key Parameter Application
1 3D Printer Tray Size(X×Y×Z):252mm x 252mm x 200mm;Print Mode: high quality:16μm  high speed:30μm Input drawing format: STL model printing.etc