PoC Inductor for Car Camera—AWL-FP Series
PoC inductor AWL-FP series, with high impedance, high saturation current, low DCR and other characteristics, can filter out the video noise from several MHz to GHz, which meets the AEC-Q200 certification and is applied to car PoC line camera.
In the traditional vehicle mounted camera system, the power line and signal line are independent of each other. With the upgrading and optimization of ADAS system, the equipment of sensor system and camera system is increasing, especially in the vehicle LAN of multimedia and information communication system. Multiple camera modules can be configured not only in the rear, but also in the side and front, which directly leads to the superposition of the number of wiring harness, and the weight of the wiring harness will directly affect the fuel consumption. Therefore, the technical solution to reduce the number of cables is proposed the solution - POC (power over coaxial) came into being. POC is a technology based on coaxial line video, coaxial control and power superposition. It can transmit power signal while transmitting video signal, thus reducing the amount of wiring harness and reducing fuel consumption. In order to ensure high quality and high efficiency transmission, POC inductors need to have broadband, high impedance, high saturation current and low DCR to filter out the video noise from MHz to GHz.
  • Broadband high impedance, high saturation current, low DCR
  • Operating temperature: -40~+125℃
  • Unique winding to achieve small size: 3.2x2.5x2.3mm
  • High reliability, high stability, AEC-Q200 certification
  • Application to POC line camera
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