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2 in 1 Wire Wound SMD Power Inductor – AWPR Series


AWPR series is the new type 2 in 1 power inductor, made of metal material core and flat copper wires. It provides lower RDC, larger saturation current and higher reliability. It meets the automotive requirements of AEC-Q200, and is applicable for class-D audio amplifier in automotive.


Because of its small size and high conversion efficiency, class-D audio amplifier occupies 30%~40% market share of automotive audio amplifier market. AWPR series are designed to satisfy the urgent needs of high-fidelity, low loss, high reliability and small size of class-D audio amplifier in automotive. It is smaller due to the 2 in 1 construction; gapless design minimizes magnetic leakage, and reduces the risk of excessive THD+N and channel crosstalk of audio signals; high saturation current and low RDC due to metal material core and flat copper wires.


  • Less space occupancy due to 2 in 1 construction 
  • Decent electrical characteristics, high reliability, AEC-Q200 qualified 
  • Excellent solderability and high heat resistance


  • Automotive class-D audio amplifier 
  • Hi-Fi


Part Number

Electrical Characteristics


  • 2016Q1, sample
  • 2016Q2, mass production